Foreign Transfers (SWIFT)

Make Our Foreign Transfers with The Ziraat Guarantee !

Foreign transfers may be made at any one of our branches using SWIFT.

The details below must be provided accurately and in full for your transfer to take place without delay and for payment to be made to the recipient. This information may be provided using the Foreign Currency Transfer Request Form.

Necessary Elements For a Transfers

  • Sender Name and Surname
  • Sender Address and Telephone Number
  • Recipient Name and Surname
  • Recipient Address
  • Recipient Account Number / IBAN
  • Recipient Bank Name, Code (Fedwire, BLZ, Sort Code etc.), and SWIFT code
  • Reason for Transfer

For transfers to be sent to our own foreign branches or affiliates, and for which the account number is nonexistent or unknown, mother or father's first name, birth date, birthplace, and telephone number of recipient In European Union member states the IBAN is used instead of the account number.

For transfers to these countries, ask the recipient for the IBAN of his or her account. Where the net amount is to be delivered to the recipient, the receiving bank charges are also paid by or deducted from the account of the sender in addition to the transfer charge stated above.